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Kel-chan's News

Posted by Kel-chan - April 11th, 2015

I'mma trying to start/revive my dead youtube. I will be posting some animation tutorials, model design tutorials, background creation, animation updates as well as gaming commentary on my fav games which i tend to suck horribly at.

Here's my youtube!


I'll show you how to make backgrounds and computer models for 2d/3d animations

Dead or alive  style smash!



Tutorial the first! Making a Rapier prop for a character in sketchup!




Here is the final rapier I made and here is Pt 2




Posted by Kel-chan - March 24th, 2015

Here's some action sequences I'm working on for the next Gunmetal Black...er ateast the episode after that. CodeBlackHayate will be back to voice some of these characters


This character I'm calling Light and I just made her up but she'll be a villian type. I'm working on her male counterpart so I get a bit of the Jessi and James style thing going on.



One good thing I learned was how to draw over video using After effects which will help a bit later on

Posted by Kel-chan - March 1st, 2015

Watch it HERE: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/654141


Well ep 2 i done such as it is.


It was fun to write and make, I keep learning alot of crap so hopefully things will get better. Even though its not great I still think the body language animation was the best I've done as of yet in this thing. I still have to work on stuff of course but whatevs. I like this series and probably will continue it as I have some fun ideas and its made me rethink some stuff to focus on this year.



Galaxy Police Squad is hereby disbanded! (for the meantime) Sorry gang I have some ideas to take from that and put into a more focused animation.

Kagemusha! (after the next episode) Will be hereby Disbanded! (as Arc Infinitum is cooler and more fun to make)

My manga  Aries Sky is disbanded! (may resume it at sometime but probably not)

Gunmetal Black! ( you are getting a makeover and redux)


I said I was only going to do two series and the ones that interest me the most are Arc and GunMetal Black.

I spent sometime redoing the Gunmetal black characters and am basically going to take the stuff I'm learning and going to work on making that into something.


That means you Maeko.



I'll make it into something. But mainly it'll be action-comedy and basically when I want to make a random fight scene that doesn't fit into Arc Infinitum, it'll end up here so I dont get rusty on sword play.

Posted by Kel-chan - February 13th, 2015

Heres some test shots from working on the episode 2 of the Arc Infinitum. I added a depth of field for some things so the background or far shots are a little blurry.



I finally have a last name for Ranko. It's Inspector Ranko Tsukamoto, and Decker's full name

is Inspector Anton Decker.




I officially changed Decker's hair to the longer style which is more like Dantes' just for the lulz. I'm also trying to experiment with different visual tones for things for certain segments-. Ranko's segment is kind of blue, Deckes is or more orangish red



I'm almost done with the action sequences, its just basically the plot talking scenes that are left and it should be done in maybe 2-3 weeks



Posted by Kel-chan - February 3rd, 2015





The boy wonder died at 33.


A moment of silence for  the master.


What the hell is up with awesome animators dying young of random things.....


Monty Oum- the next thing I do is dedicated to you BRAH!



Posted by Kel-chan - February 3rd, 2015

I was thinking about it even before I made the first episode- prolly shoulda listened to my gut but.


Hipster or emo?




sry the bottom picture is missing the extra shadow

Honestly....I like the long hair. Originally I was going to make him like that but then I thought he looked a bit like Light Yagami from Derp Note. Now I might switch it to give him that sexy korean drama actor hair.

Special shoutout to Rhett and Link for being the inspiration for this looolololololol


Posted by Kel-chan - January 27th, 2015

WATCH IT HERE! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/652507?updated=1


I made a sci fi detective noir thing. It's another drama/action thing. So if you're bored of parody and comedy...give it a whirl.

Thanks to all the people who help with my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=102503

This is the first project that uses the new motion capture camera- well, the first released. Kagemusha ep 2 uses it but I'm still waiting on the last lines and have to clean up some stuff.

Thanks to CooliSushi who taught me about a cool program to make the movie look better and I also found some other techniques. The last thing I have to do is fix the shadows and then I should have things looking the way I want them.


A bit about this project

I wanted to do something Ghost in the Shellish for a while and wrote a fanfic for that aeons ago. But I dusted that off and rewrote it to make it more original and this is what happened.

I also learned after effects now so I can do the cool HUD things I want to along with openings and credits.

Posted by Kel-chan - January 15th, 2015

Well its the new year so....time for some new shit.


seriously he's working on some cool stuff and taught me some tricks to make stuff bettard.

Picture time!


I'm working on a sci fi detective thing thats kinda ghost in the shell-ish whilst I wait for the last Kagemusha lines for the next ep. And for this new thing I'm just waiting on the other guys lines....







Also Kagemusha, I'm almost finished with that but i just need kaggy's lines for the one char. I'll probaby have to re-render some scenes though now that I know this new awesome technique cooli showed me




Hopefully I'll finish em by the end of the month


Posted by Kel-chan - December 15th, 2014

I haz made new anime.

Watch it hurr: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/650267?updated=1


It's not filler since I added a new character that will be more relevant in subsequenct episodes....minisodes? vignettes?

SANTOS KRAUSS- Teen Idol and latin lover extraordinairre except he's from Osaka so he's not hispanic but only wishes he was. DAT SWAGGER THO!



In addition there is a present at the end of the video after the credits that was a tag team production with RealFaction and 11linda to made a "so bad it's good" style promo vid from the chirumiru meme video.

In other news I FINALLY got my second mocap camera so we're in business- as soon as I figure out how to calibrate it correctly , then maybe I can make some sweet sweet baby fight animations for Kagemusha.


I'm not sure whether I will finish the next Kagemusha episode by the end of the month or not since its pretty action intensive...yess.....sword fights on horseback....I WANT TO TO DO EEET



Anyways thats the update


Posted by Kel-chan - November 30th, 2014

I'm learning adobe after effects and its glorious!

Try doing this the manual way and it just looks like crap....




I also looked around for some freebies on deviant art and found some pieces to redesign the Teacher character in GPS.


---I think these were PL2 or that eechi game parts MMDfakewings or someone converted.


---Anyways I'm working on the next of Kagemusha and the next Galaxy Police Squad minisode for Dec.


---Kagemusha will take some time because of all the action sequences, sword fights on horseback and all that jazz.


---Aries Sky manga is on hold for a little bit whilst I do this schtuff