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Kel-chan's News

Posted by Kel-chan - August 2nd, 2019

Ugh... Sry I have not been posting MOAR stuff but I have been busy with some commission stuff. In the meantime I'm almost done with the next animation...a final fantasy + Resident Evil thing called FINAL EVIL. It's uh.... Something. I'm not using VAs so I can focus more on building more animation skill. But here's the logo.iu_43392_3694307.jpgAs for Nihilo... On hold until I finish this commission thing which who knows that might turn into an animation series thing. Anyways I'mma start pposting more since this is the only thing in life worth doing. Prepare yourself


Posted by Kel-chan - June 27th, 2019

Seems like I'm posting bi-annually now. Everything is taking forever as my ambition outpaces my productive capacity. There's two projects in the pipeline. Nihilo as you know as well as another larger project called PLAYER that I am working with Bindy Coda on. That project is probably as large as my ambition gets since its basically a movie. Bindy is heading up audio production/Casting and she is amazing. I highly recommend her for projects as she's been in basically all of mine and now she is doing VA audio production. Check her out! https://bindy.newgrounds.com/ and help her grow her business!

As for PLAYER well...think Death Note + Battle Royale + GANTZ kind of thing. So much work....I wonder if I'll ever finish. Saiko says hello.





Posted by Kel-chan - December 21st, 2018

So...working on the first ep er part er whatevs. Here's some stills, char shots for Ryen's char (the kid in the first prologue thing). Decided to go with lamellar armor as...I just plain like it better than plate. But there will be different armor types for different chars/factions/places etc etc.


Order of the flame uses lamellar cuz they move around alot and need something easily repairable. USed the Old old Link/Zelda armor for references







Posted by Kel-chan - December 9th, 2018

Watch it here https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/721937?updated=1544409038


Bout feckin' time eh m8's?


Well ye....here we are with some medieval anime. The story is done, so I just have to finish the animation side....which  should take about a year or 2. But... I will be releasing episodes piecemeal and once everything is done stiching the whole thing together as a movie like its supposed to be.

First up is the prologue ep. Not quite episode one but a short scene to get the flavor of the worldspace down. The first character is Amara....an exiled Knight of the Order. She and her son Ryen are having something of a bad day...Tooo bad her husband ain't around....But don't feel bad. She's not the main character of the story anyways....


You may wonder why a knight is not wearing their armor....well....THEY WERE EXILED! But alas, you'll have to wait and see just what for.


As always...e-begging..here https://www.patreon.com/user?u=102503








Posted by Kel-chan - October 26th, 2018


Working on the first of a medieval type anime short series whatever.....Ugh...taking so long but I'm trying to do a better job


Posted by Kel-chan - August 3rd, 2018

Watch it here https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/714863



Soo.....its been a while. Been trying to figure alot of stuff out. This is probably the last type of old crap I'm gonna make. I made it mostly to test some vectorization programs and some new work flows, messing with frame rates an composite work. I'm officially done with 3d. Tried many different things during this *hiatus and all of it was meh. SOOOOooo character animation design will look more like this. Ive  got a shitton of stuff to do but I didn't bother with it because my artwork stuff sucked.







Took like 2 yrs to figger out teh backgrouns now I just have to make the characters look good.


Posted by Kel-chan - July 31st, 2017

Well I've done it folks. Sorry this year has been insanely crazy so far.

My mom had a series of strokes and has been in an out of hospital. I've been taking care of her. Got a full time job as well. So things have been going very SLOWLY. This is basically a year for learning.

So....I have been learning.

I've gone back to 2d and have been using Smith Micro's anime studio because I wanted to get used to their interface before getting into Poser Pro. And now I am doing just that. This is a LONG process. Because its not just simply learning how to animate in Poser. I have to learn how to convert and re-rig all my models and assets into poser. Needless to say this takes a WHILE to learn the pipeline.

Ironically, years ago, before Monty released RWBY I had messaged him on Youtube when he was doing his dead fantasy series. He offered back then to teach me how to use poser and some of the old MMD models as he had taught others but, I didn't have enough expertise then and I didn't want to be a burden. Figures.

At any rate. I should have a 2D short using some new techniques coming out hopefully at the end of August or early september.  Intended_Glitches has been kind enough to help me since I've been so busy.  Viewtiful Valentine has helped out as well although more towards the writing end of things.


Thanks for your patience. After the 2d bit. Maybe I'll have something 3D ready to go by the end of the year.

As for the shows like Arc Infinitum- I'm not sure If I'll continue that as is or maybe reboot it. Or make something new but similar to it that is a little more fleshed out.

Posted by Kel-chan - December 9th, 2016

Watch here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/685556?updated=1481332410


I made something...finally. It's uh...slice of life, life of slice....minisode thing. It's like 80% 2d.....considering I havent done 2d in like a couple yrs....but....ye..

Story is about this kid and her bestest friend growing up and all that stuff. Coming of age yada yada. Thought NG could use some MOAR life slices.

Kristy- teh foil


Jenny- Teh brains..



I should finish Arc 5 now....It's almost done, just need to render the scenes.

Posted by Kel-chan - September 5th, 2016

Just incase anyone was wondering. I'm not dead. I haven't released much of anything this year because for the past couple months I've been doing some Screw Attack/Rooster teeth projects which have taken up alot of time. But good news is its helped me possibly animate a little better and I learned some new techniques. Hopefully I'll try to finish up Arc Infinitum 5 for this year. It was partially started in the beginning o the year, I just have to finish the fight scenes and what not now.




I still wanna do the Bat-chan before the end of the year....


I'm going to TRY to get Arc 5 done by October atleast.



Posted by Kel-chan - May 16th, 2016

Well its been a bit. I had to rebuild my library of stuffs for Arc Infinitum Episode 5. Also doing some commissions for screw attack so this'll take some time.


Just FYI for some new chars that will be introduced in this episode and some remodels.



Kristyn Mass aka Ohnobones on NG will be playing Jane Soto who is an Internal Affairs Agent. Next to her is the new GCIS trooper.


Decker's new partner Jett Myers played by Jacob Anderson.



And Ranko's got her plush new office. Glass cieling no more! Ranko is played by Marissa Lenti.


Hopefully this episode will be done by the end of August at the latest if they're are no more mishaps.