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I made something...finally. It's uh...slice of life, life of slice....minisode thing. It's like 80% 2d.....considering I havent done 2d in like a couple

Story is about this kid and her bestest friend growing up and all that stuff. Coming of age yada yada. Thought NG could use some MOAR life slices.

Kristy- teh foil


Jenny- Teh brains..



I should finish Arc 5 now....It's almost done, just need to render the scenes.

Im not dead...yet

2016-09-05 05:53:29 by Kel-chan

Just incase anyone was wondering. I'm not dead. I haven't released much of anything this year because for the past couple months I've been doing some Screw Attack/Rooster teeth projects which have taken up alot of time. But good news is its helped me possibly animate a little better and I learned some new techniques. Hopefully I'll try to finish up Arc Infinitum 5 for this year. It was partially started in the beginning o the year, I just have to finish the fight scenes and what not now.




I still wanna do the Bat-chan before the end of the year....


I'm going to TRY to get Arc 5 done by October atleast.



Arc Infinitum Ep 5 Update

2016-05-16 14:02:15 by Kel-chan

Well its been a bit. I had to rebuild my library of stuffs for Arc Infinitum Episode 5. Also doing some commissions for screw attack so this'll take some time.


Just FYI for some new chars that will be introduced in this episode and some remodels.



Kristyn Mass aka Ohnobones on NG will be playing Jane Soto who is an Internal Affairs Agent. Next to her is the new GCIS trooper.


Decker's new partner Jett Myers played by Jacob Anderson.



And Ranko's got her plush new office. Glass cieling no more! Ranko is played by Marissa Lenti.


Hopefully this episode will be done by the end of August at the latest if they're are no more mishaps.

Watch it Herrr...


Onto the next round

So next up animation wise we have......


Arc Infinitum 5.

No pics because I haven't started it yet...

I'm working on another short original anime thing thats...weird


Here's the fight test im working on...

Have to fix the physics since its a WIP



Im going to be working on Arc as well, just have to make some new char models for the new chars


More Projects Updates- Fallout 4 vid

2016-02-10 19:16:09 by Kel-chan

Well I thought I'd post this for the upcoming projects


So far I'm working on the Vaultboy 2 parody cartoon thing with RetroArcadeMonkey who is an awesome VA btw.


Vaultboy meets Preston






Vaultboy finds his first power armor T45B which is not overpowered at all...


After Vaultboy I'm probably going to work on Arc 5 or Bat-chan depending on which VA lines are finished first.


Sasha Summers AKA the Bat-chan gives and interview with Alfred at her side who looks and sounds suspiciously like Vaultboy AKA RetroArcadeMonkey



Sasha's Poor Billionaire parents are tragically killed in mexico after drinking...






And to top it off I'm making a movie for later in the year which probably will take up the whole year after these projects are released. I'm still in the process of writing it and will probably animate most of the movie before having the VAs dub it so they get a really good feel for the action and its easier to see which hopefully brings higher quality.




Right now this is just concept stuff for this movie, but I'm going to try and make more detailed backgrounds and also fix the lighting. This is just a raw shot with no effects and lighting effect.



Hope any of these things are interesting. Vaultboy should maybe be done by the end of the month I hope. Thanks to all subs and fans and patreon folks. My Patreon


My HDD is getting clogged with all these projects so i really have to finish some of em quick

Should I make a movie?

2016-02-02 17:27:03 by Kel-chan

This year in addition to my regular Arc Infinitum series I have been contemplating making a feature length animation that is one solid story instead of something stretch over several episodes. The movie could be anywhere from 20-30 minutes or longer if its warranted. After it's done, the idea besides release would be to also see if its worth of submitting to film/animation festivals. Still have to figure out what genre and all, whether its going to be serious or comedic or serious with some comic relief.


Right now I am still in the planning phase thinking about what type of story is worth doing. I'm interested to see if you guys would like to see this. Lemme know if its worth doing. I tend to write stories that are long which is why I've tried a coule series so far but the problem is usually the pacing or buildup of things that I want takes a while so viewership gets lost the longer the series goes on.


Or maybe I should just scrap this idea and keep working on shorts and series things.

Just some updates...


I'm trying to finish the next short animation which will be a horror-esque Resident evil/ Silent Hill short thing. I'm trying to make things more cinematic/ and also more...better looking.



I finally learned how to do that background blur thing that alot of cartoons have which make the characters stand out so much more and also not have them get blended into the background. So far I think it looks ok. Realistically though, I dont think i can get much better than this except maybe with slighty better models that aren't so low poly to that you dont see/notice the angles like the model below..

3694307_145385929243_Image1.jpg effects.....gawd it makes everything look SO much better. And blends the scene better and doesnt make it look as flat.....Now if I can just make my character animation better.


Its a good thing I never released last years yandere project. I might release it this year after going over it again. The animation was actually pretty good but it wasn't released because it didnt look right and the story was...ugh.


So far... I have about 4 or 5 projects that are held up just because they're not really good enough to release. Hopefully this thing will be done in a week or 2.


Also...even though I spent alot of time modelling the new arc infinitum models.... I kind of don't like the final fantasy style and probably will be switching back to the old models and just tweaking them slightly to make the rigs better instead of going for the uber realistic look...

I just think the toon style characters are more my style. Lemme know what you think.


Arc Infinitum 4 Done!

2016-01-03 21:24:34 by Kel-chan

Watch it here:


Here's the next ep. It mostly advances the story so theres not as much action as the last one. I'm trying some different things out and will be switching up some stuff this year.


In other news I'm working n a very short trailer with a new program for this group called BigByte. They want to make this sort of Dark Souls/Game of thrones type animation so I'm going to try to do this in the final fantasy style. Here is the raw render.



This is one of the characters Nisa. Might change some colors yet and also have to mess with lighting


Heres a concept test of the same shot....


Thanks to Coolisushi telling me about some toys in AE to make it look more pretty. I will try to bang out this trailer quickly since I have most of it done anyways. Hopefully itll look decent.

Vaultboy! - Fallout 4 anime

2015-12-01 22:05:38 by Kel-chan

Being a silly goose I made this:




So..yesh yesh...


He's out of time.

I still have a ton of stuff to work on. Arc Infinitum 4 is probably the biggest thing that maybe people would want to see. I might be able to get it done by the end of the year but probably its going to look like january is more likely since I have some side project commissions to do that are pushing stuff back.

Also if you guys like this cartoon I could expand it into a few fallout 4 anime shorts dealing with different things in the game that are fun. Power armor would be a fun episode.

Since most of this years animations were drama or action I decided to do something more silly like my old stuff.

Thanks as always to my viewers and patreon ppl.

Watch here:


This is a short fight scene standalone thing I just did to practice and also compare it to my fight scene thing from last year here:


I have a ton of stuff to finish up for this year probably into next so... the list


Gunmetal Black (Redoing the fight scenes because they werent great)


Yandere-project (sucks that its behind scheduale but atleast I found some music for it)


Believe it or not I have all the audio for GPS 5 done, so it just needs to be done. I'm not sure whether to go 2d or 3d or some sort of hodge podge.

All these projects are taking up like 200GB of space on my HDD so....I really gotta get em done


Arc Inifinitum 4 is also on the list but I haven't really touched that yet.


If anybody wants to help me animate either 2D or 3D I'd be much obliged. I can teach you 3d well enough or 2.5D basically like motion graphics or whatever. I'm still using Flash CS3 if you're interested