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Entry #120

Fun with layers

2014-07-31 01:24:07 by Kel-chan

Messing with Post Processing


This is a bunch of series of pictures on making something look like something...I think. The reason why some pictures are blurring is because there is motion blur since the scene is moving but aside from that. This first picture is just a base render with no shadows. The backround is just a holder sky.


This has some heavy shadows. I have to change the shadow mapping on the worm to look a little better though


This has some HG Diffusion, and a Diffusion script from MME that gives it the blurry anime bloom look but the cart still looks a little 3D


This has everything compiled together with the lineart details. I still will have to add post FX in vegas or photoshop like the dust from the sand worm.



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2014-08-01 02:13:50

Must be fun rendering an anus so many times.

How's it feel getting front paged?

Personally I don't believe in the front page so I will not be viewing your submission.

Serious question, though, how on earth do you not get flat out bored with cgi processes? I've tried shaking a stick at modeling, and even though I'm getting somewhere, it's painfully boring and has a steep learning curve (example : rigging models/actually composing and creating an animation). You make awesome stuff though, I loved police cops! Keep it up, yo yo.

Kel-chan responds:

its not boring making models to me. I guess everybody just does what they like. I got into making models because I eventually want to make a game.

As for the FP- I think recently Tom has set it up so pretty much anybody in the daily pick gets FP'd for a week so nobody feels butthurt.

As for why that last vid got a bunch of views. Hell if I know. You people like the most random stuff. I was expecting maybe 1K since it was a concept video.

It really throws me off because everytime I spend a long time working hard on something nobody likes it, everytime I put out and experimental or just slap something together they love it.

Btw...Police cops.....was 3D

I just used a different more time consuming method before I figured out this latest schtuff.

I might make another Police Cops thing in the future to wrap up the story


2014-07-31 20:53:42

You're asking the right questions, and seeking the most attractive results :) Yeah Flash is certainly fucking up a free lunch lately.

Myself, I'm at a crossroads where: I can have a new computer, or I can visit a friend's family for a few days (rental house/camping) around Grand Canyon for the same price..... have to decide in the next 24 hours O_o Organic or electric memories?

Kel-chan responds:

the grand canyon is pretty cool- I'd go for it. Utah's canyon lands and the painted desert are a little cooler. But I already had my travel time from 2008-2011 when I drove all around the country on an endless road trip.

It's worth it even if you don't have anybody to share it with


2014-07-31 04:58:01

4 steps per frame, or can you apply these effects across the whole animation? Still looks like a lot of futzing to do after principal animation, which is hard enough...

Kel-chan responds:

I wrote some scripts in photoshop to automate the process- so It will go through and add all the steps but I still have to clean up- erase lines and smudge colors and things so they don't get messed up and set the frames so they play correctly.

The other problem is the sheer space the take up- since I have to manually add things like the line layer.

For that Extraction vid I had about 25GB worth of frames, although once I finish a scene or sequence I can delete it once everything is in the psd file

I'm currently trying to figure how to work on the frame timing so it looks more like a 24fps and there won't be so much line jitter between the frames

It's kind of funny to go through all of this to make 3D look 2D

but then again trying to animate 2D to make it look 3D is just a different sort of convoluted thing or a bunch of frames also. The main reason I started this was because Flash couldn't handle all of what I wanted to do- it kept giving errors and crashing no matter how many times I broke up scenes to make them smaller.

I even got a new computer and boosted the CPU and ram and it still wouldn't work the old fashioned way


2014-07-31 02:42:20



2014-07-31 02:13:48

dickworm is too balla smh

Kel-chan responds:

I know!