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2013-07-23 06:01:01 by Kel-chan

Status of animations:

Goku V Superman- 80% just voices and editing really
GPS 4- ???? ( I keep adding stuff!)

i really have to adding stuff to makes the animations longer and better but they also take longer i guess



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2013-07-23 07:19:14

You're an inspiration of additivity!


2013-07-23 11:33:46

i think that u should pm jacob from newgrounds so u could have a voice actor. Then pm KaggyVA so could have another voice actor and finally everything will go well all accordion to plan. Here's the link

p.s u should be happy thanks to my help ;).

Kel-chan responds:

I'm already using KaggyVA for this animation and I used Jacob in the street fighter one

Thanks though!