Entry #163

Finally something is done. (NEW CARTOON)

2016-12-09 20:32:40 by Kel-chan

Watch here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/685556?updated=1481332410


I made something...finally. It's uh...slice of life, life of slice....minisode thing. It's like 80% 2d.....considering I havent done 2d in like a couple yrs....but....ye..

Story is about this kid and her bestest friend growing up and all that stuff. Coming of age yada yada. Thought NG could use some MOAR life slices.

Kristy- teh foil


Jenny- Teh brains..



I should finish Arc 5 now....It's almost done, just need to render the scenes.


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2016-12-09 21:44:23

This looks like Life Is Strange dude!
I would like to check it out if it's done! (Or if it's already done i would still check it out)

Kel-chan responds:

oh yah...come to think of eet. Its a similar type of story


2016-12-09 21:51:10

Well okay then but i will still like to watch it.... Sorry if i'm annoying with it but i'm really sorry this time!


2016-12-10 10:42:46

Very nice to hear Arc 5 will be done soon cant wait to see it also this little animation turned out ok but from all the slices of cake.... i mean life ive seen so far most of them dont really phase people's expectations too much.... btw really glad at end of this slice they dont get along dont want another steamy romance story again, just like regular siblings :D


2016-12-11 10:04:34

I wonder how much of this is pure fiction and what is based on real events? Or is everything fictional? I got the uncertain feeling that some of this might be painfully true...

Since I have no right to ask which part of this story might be real I want to ask:
Can you estimate how much percent is real and how much is fabled? Or don't you want to tell?

Kel-chan responds:

I'll leave it up to the viewer. Theres a bit of fiction but its more a conglemation of my life, other ppl's lives, etc. but it's mostly based on my life and ppl around me.


2016-12-28 20:17:08

holy shit