Entry #117

Chapter 4 in the works

2014-07-17 16:02:24 by Kel-chan

I'm working on Chapter 4 and have the story written out to chapter 7 so...If you actually like this story, FEAR NOT! I am not just winging it! There will be plenty of char development and story and twists and all that jazz


If you have no idea what this is- Check it out on inkblazers




Incidently, while making this comic, I found a new technique of doing animation using this style, so if one day I decide to turn this manga into an anime- I can do so exactly with the same level of quality as the manga which is pretty cool.


I used  to not like the thick lines but now I admit I am becoming more of a fan



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2014-07-18 10:40:33

I've always preferred thick outlines and fine lines for everything else.