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2014-07-06 12:18:42 by Kel-chan

Here you can read the manga so far


It's also here on NG of course in my art tab and Pkmn2 Has created the playlist on NG here http://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/7ee8d38400c4c136950890d9b31e1000

I might put the manga on storyshift that Kimolemonhead told me about but I have to get to the point where I'm ready to do that. Namely after the intro story arc which should be done in probably chapter 4.

It's also weird because I'm starting to think more about making it now into a good story and I want to try to add some things in from a philosophical perspective that probably nobody will notice. Also even though it's chapter 3, I haven't really explained any of the characters back stories, and it's kind of funny that the main characters of Rion and Rock have not been developed yet but I do have backgrounds for them and for the entire story as a whole.

The plot thickens yet again...hopefully


As for other updates...


Here's a screen shot from the Shinobi noir project I'm trying to wrap up. It only needs the VA pretty much and then rendering and audio. I'm asking KatMaestro to make some awesome music for it.



I really need to stop going overboard with animation. I always want to do more and more making rediculous fight and action sequences and i think I need to check myself because its causing me to overdo things. Incidently I am working on a more serious story with Jay that is mostly dialogue and am...considering doing it with this 3D.

I think it would make a great movie and it would be a chance to spit something out that is actually easy since theres not much action and its more of a drama story.

Incidently, I'm also working on that LOTOE star wars thing but doing it slower. I decided to do the Shinobi noir thing first to make sure I can make something of quality. 3D is weird, especially with mocap. Its more like making a live action movie than just animating. I say its easier or harder than 2d but its different.

But right now I just have to hurry up and put something out. I dunno why I feel like I'm on the clock, time is slipping away and I'm not releasing anything of quality but I hope to remedy that.

Also I guess I'm now getting into bitcoin cuz...CRYPTOCURRENCIES RULE

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2014-07-06 13:41:26

I like pie


2014-07-06 15:45:56

Just wanna say that I had to split the playlist for issue #1 due to size limit.

This playlist continues from chapter 3 on.


2014-07-06 16:53:54

You must certainly have a lot of HD space for all these projects!

Kel-chan responds:

external 1 TB drive


2014-07-06 18:37:29

Cool stuff. Also I got a 3TB HDD for mad cheap. It's almost ridiculous how cheap they're getting.

Kel-chan responds:

necessary though- each 20 second clip of uncompressed video for 3D is about 2gigs

but the final video is much less when compressed


2014-07-07 03:30:13

Not to be a party pooper but this can't be the bio that you mentioned on Pkmn2 response right?: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kel-chan/aries-sky-pg-5
Because it makes her look really normal, other than her being an orphan, plus she is drawn/modeled in an anime style, her bandages don't mean much even less an immediate connection to her holding back magical powers...
In here we know about her homeland http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kel-chan/aries-sky-pg-13 but it makes her look like a physically (not magically) strong woman, who comes from a land of barbarians and brutes, which helps to back up her physical strength.
So, so far we know that she is a hulk woman (without the rage fits), she is an orphan, wants to be a pilot (which explains the fashionable goggles and gloves), and lives in a land in conflict with another country, and then http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kel-chan/aries-sky-pg-21 they get invaded.
And then http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kel-chan/aries-sky-63 out of nowhere magic, no build up, i mean at least for the robots we knew about them for that other color image you made, and for your other Sci-Fi related uploads, but this one appeared just now, i know that it is a story in progress, but this really made a Sci-Fi story who was catching my interest enough to go and made reviews and even pick at little details, indeed one of the most promising comics i have seen here lately, and now... well this happened.

Plus there was that explanation, i don't know why you removed it, because it makes sense, partly... i am sure that even female heroes have to train even if they are magical girls... if not then they are really huge victims of gender dynamics even more since they are supposed to be heroes, and well the obvious part of Goku being born weak, that was... yeah... other than that it made a lot of sense.

But yeah i really want to see where the background/foreshadowing of this event was introduced, because i really consider this a promising story despite all, however this, this is just a big stump.

Kel-chan responds:

Just wait- I am getting into this story- and it's just beginning. I put in things that later in the story you will go like OHHHHH.

This series is also growing longer than I originally intended so it is going to have slower pacing. The characters will grow- both in personality and age during the course of the story.

By the end they will be in their 20s but theres no sense in me spoiling it unless you really want me to.

Equate this more to like when superman was a teenager and first realized his super powers. It kind of happened one day and freaked him out then John Kent had the talk and he developed his powers slowly over time. In the beginning Superman couldn't even fly/ nor goku.

Or if you like manga- Think of it like Fullmetal alchemist when Ed and Al first learned they could transmute without a circle.

This genre of story is like historical sci fi/ alternate universe/ steampunk/ with special things to make it stand out and be a mashup.

I purposely left the page at a cliffhanger so you'd say WTF?

This is only chapter three and the intro arc of escaping vobis hasn't even finished. All the main characters have no yet been introduced and also remember- I put that map in chapter 1. There is a reason for that.

Also keep in mind that being released in this manner is different from buying a complete comicbook or manga and having the entire chapter- so when you see something wierd you read the next few pages and are like OH...and whatnot.

Thanks for your interest. I hope you keep reading I have some things that I want to make interesting.


2014-07-07 15:34:00

It depends of the superman, each one has its own background, and well Goku was bulletproof... as a kid... but anyway, lets forget about that, i know that this is an episodic work, and even more it is being released with each chapter being divided in a few pages at a time, similar to how One Punch man is being made (in which one chapter is divided in 2 batches), but what i am saying is that it doesn't really helps the story to input elements this important without giving the reader any hints, otherwise even if they were planed to the reader they will look just like random inputs, don't worry i will keep reading the story, i just wanted to remind you of that.

Kel-chan responds:

the best thing is that since this is not a final published thing by some company - I can go back and edit stuff if need be which maybe I'll do to put a page in chapter one or something to balance it out


2014-07-07 15:50:50



2014-07-07 23:29:01

That would be great!