Manga Time!

2014-02-28 01:22:33 by Kel-chan

I'm bored so I'm working on a manga too


I already animated a brief sketch of it for here:


Here's the cover. I think it'll be good to work on a story rather than animate some random thing. If anybody knows sites to upload crappy homemade manga's lemme know cuz I dunno where to put it




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2014-02-28 02:05:58

I dunno where you can upload web manga. I'm pretty sure God of Highschool is a web toon Manwha, and that's on Mangahere. Just peek around at Manga sites, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. I'm certainly stoked to read it after checking that trailer. Remind me to check out the 5, (6?), episodes that came out before that "Trailer" eh?

Good luck, and keep it up!

The Man Who Calls Himself Deth

Kel-chan responds:

Oh yeah those old episodes were a work in progress of the concept. Same name but the story took place in ancient Japan so it was more a historical action drama thing.

The new version takes place in modern times and I decided to switch it like that because I can do more neat things with a modern setting

Thanks for the tips


2014-02-28 12:40:28

If you asked me 10, 15 years ago, I could've found you a place or two to publish a manga... I did find one kinda recently, but I don't think I saved the bookmark :( I guess you could make a post, use it as an index of pages linked the NG Dump... though that's kinda ghetto.


2014-03-04 14:40:23

just curious, are you just looking for a place to upload it, enable ad rev (like adsense) and utilize social networks?

Kel-chan responds:

Uh I guess....

I've never done that sort of stuff before- if you get an idea plz let me know thx