2d vs 3d anime

2013-09-23 14:35:00 by Kel-chan


It's weird is all

Google Sketchup is great though If you're not super talented but want to learn to make 3d models. Theres even a free plugin that you can export into .x files for video game mods...or in this case 3D movies.

I think 2d has a sort of personality to it that isnt readily noticeable in 3d BUT. I think that is something that can be brought out through future effort and practice and skill...

Also fisheye lenses...

I'm beginning to think 3D is more difficult to create something awesome with. Reason being, 3D doesn't lie. You can hide mistakes in 2D or use style to cover up error. 3D is alot less forgiving in this regard. If you mess up. Its there in 3 dimensions

2d vs 3d anime


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2013-09-23 17:25:12

Most series seem to be mixing 2D and 3D nowadays. Sometimes it's not that noticeable but often it just looks strange. I'm too used to the old 2D style of animation to really appreciate the changes, but I guess they'll phase in eventually; be common. The challenging thing about animation is 3D is the movement, everything moves on so many more levels than it does in 2D, and it doesn't seem like the animators always manage to make the motion seem realistic, it's often too smooth/robotic somehow.

Google Sketchup is great, the easiest modeller I've used so far.

Kel-chan responds:

I think the key for 3d animation is the fusion of motion capture along with traditional animation


2013-09-23 19:33:52

Well if you need any advice I might be able to help, I went to school for that sort of stuff.
You can Hide things but you have to think about a few things first. Personally to me in the long run 3d is easier you just need the guidance I suppose.


2013-09-24 03:18:21

Ask this guy http://tanadrine-studios.newgrounds.com/news/post/868157 he a 3D master, but not in the prog you mentioned... show more skin and it'll be all right :3


2013-09-27 00:45:32

I thought I read something about how they sold sketch-up or something a while back? :/

looks good. XD