I made some General Tso Chicken

2013-08-24 19:31:47 by Kel-chan

...From scratch...

and no you can't have any

I made some General Tso Chicken


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2013-08-24 23:59:33

Orange sauce? Looks good! I should post some seered deer steaks or grilled fish pix!


2013-08-25 15:37:52

No, it's called General Kel Chicken. Get it right!


2013-08-25 17:54:47

I bet you didn't even go to bed and went straight to the kitchen to make this after our food conversation.

Kel-chan responds:

Quiet you...


2013-08-25 19:03:38

Aww, no Livestream :( Whahappen?

Kel-chan responds:

It crashed alot. I think its because of my connection. Skype tends to work better and I can stream on that if you're bored. Just add me


2013-08-30 02:40:17

Alright Chinese leftover!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to feed that to my pet Racoon :D