Super V Goku 'n other junk

2013-07-30 06:36:18 by Kel-chan

Working on super v goku

and starting on GPS 4...

Super V Goku 'n other junk


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2013-08-01 04:39:29

I hope you have a good outliner for this episode. We all know how crucial those outlines are.
And give him a pay raise.


2013-08-07 04:42:52

looks fucking awesome, give it to me babe

also what the niger fuck is going on up this mother jks kthxbai

also did u see dat anime shiz on the front page? i want you to anime like that

i wont sleep until this is released

Kel-chan responds:

It is awesome and its practically done but I have to wait for the voice actors....


I'm working on GPS 4 atm


2013-08-20 14:57:09

sweet angles