World War Z is terrible

2013-06-27 06:43:04 by Kel-chan

If you read the book and enjoyed it don't go waste your money. Absolutely nothing from the book is in it....AT ALL

and the action is minimal, I hate to say it but even the Resident Evil movies with Milla Jovovich were better than this piece of crap


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2013-06-27 06:56:34

Worse than Resident Evil? Wow D:

I recently watched 2 parts of Resident Evil, they came on tv and I was surprised that a movie lasting 2 hours can have no plot at all. Like nothing apart from action scenes with no sense and then suddenly the movie is over and I don't know what happened :o

Well, I didn't plan to see it anyways. Last movie I saw was The Hobbit ^^


2013-06-27 10:02:31

Is it really that bad? The commercials looked good but I guess they always do or nobody would go see the movies lol, well thanks for the heads up guys!


2013-06-28 04:23:06