live stream vid for someone that wanted it

2013-05-26 07:06:55 by Kel-chan

i updated it so theres the last vid for super v goku about 30min for 4 =pla_e2b27fbf-8ce8-461d-9d56-92ae344b794d

my connect is to laggy to do it realtime so i guess ill record bits and post em if anybody is bored/interested


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2013-05-26 16:15:30

'Someone' thanks you! Looks like very hard work indeed. Was hoping another animator would see this, maybe come up with some hints... What was the 2nd song that was played (that you promptly switched off)? Looked like #78 on your playlist, if you don't mind my nosey-ness.

Kel-chan responds:

Dispatch- M-flo and dev large off the Gran Sonic cd i think