superman v goku?

2013-05-22 09:49:37 by Kel-chan

i'm thinking about doing it but it would be an actual fight scene

it came to me because i watched the super dooper man trailer

Watch it!

Supermanuel finally fights the asian sensation....

should i?


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2013-05-22 09:56:13

Has been done quite often but I guess you will manage to add something new to it ^^

Kel-chan responds:

so far every time i've seen it they haven't actually fought

its been more a joke or a gag not an actual fight


2013-05-22 12:07:10

Superman can't die... Goku can die... Superman can die if exposed to kryptonite. Goku is stronger... Superman has the defense of one thousand gokus... Goku and both Superman are incredibly equal in standards. Again both can die but how long will one give in? ... Where do you go from there?


2013-05-22 16:07:46

continuing from below: Superman can heal from the sun, Goku can heal with a senou bean, Goku is faster(instant transmission people) Superman is stronger.(equal at SSJ 4) If superman were to monologue while goku charges the spirit bomb. superman would die.
Even match if you ask me.


2013-05-22 16:29:44

You should make superman vs goku and btw please make goku win not super the reason is

goku in regular saiyan is weaker then super man
goku in super saiyan is equal to superman
goku in super saiyan 2 is stronger than superman Then goku wins and please make the fight epic if you like that idea please use it and be sure to credit me. ;)


2013-05-23 17:39:21

DO IT, ur animating skills are awesome